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Zana Carver

Dr. Zana Carver is a college professor who specializes in teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Author Zana Carver, Ph.D. has research experience in exposure science and pharmacokinetics (how chemicals move within the body).

Zana Carver is the winner of a Columbia Basin College Exceptional Faculty Award in 2018. Pertinently, she also happens to be a thyroid cancer survivor who has had no choice but to learn about all the ways in which thyroid hormone replacement can never truly replace the natural hormonal balance.

Zana Carver, PhD has been disappointed with the long time it takes for good research to be translated into medical “standards of care.” It is, therefore, her mission to find and share the most helpful and relevant research.

“I help people understand thyroid disorders so that they can better communicate with their doctors in a way that will improve both their health and quality of life.  Moreover, I enjoy being a nerd and choose to use my education and experience, both academic and as a patient, to help others.”

  • I would like to offer a special thank you to Richard Jacobs and Future Tech Health Podcasts!
  • Zana Carver enjoys teaching, hiking with her family, swimming, puppies, and anything written by Dr. Kent Holtorf.
  • Dr. Carver’s first book,  The End of Chronic Fatigue is available and promotionally priced for a few more days!
  • Gina Heath, INHC  is a contributing author!
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  • A sincere thank you to Columbia Basin College for awarding me with an Exceptional Faculty Award in 2018 that has made this project possible!

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