Thyroid Book Review

5 Excellent Thyroid Books

This short post includes 5 of my most recent and favorite thyroid books.

  1. Rachel Hill’s “Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate”
  2. Leah Carver’s “Undoing Hashimoto’s”
  3. Sarah Lentz’s “The Hypothyroid Writer”
  4. Barbara Lougheed’s “Tired Thyroid”
  5. Kathryn Simpson’s “The Woman’s Guide to Thyroid Health”

All of these wonderful authors have experienced their own thyroid healing journey.

What’s Your Story?

Everywhere I go, I hear about people struggling with their thyroid health or I see people who may be struggling but do not know it yet.  Do you have a thyroid story to tell?  I would love to hear about your journey.  Please consider guest blogging for!

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