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YOUR THYROID AND METABOLISM   Are you running on fumes, exhausted to the core but not refreshed with sleep?  Have you noticed yourself wearing more layers of clothing or using an extra blanket?  Have you been dismayed by steady weight gain, despite efforts to lose weight, or rapid weight regain if you are successful with […]

Author Zana Carver, PhD   Dr. Zana Carver is a college professor who specializes in teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Author Zana Carver, PhD has research experience in exposure science and pharmacokinetics (how chemicals move within the body).  Zana Carver is the winner of a Columbia Basin College Exceptional Faculty Award in 2018. Pertinently, she […]

This site is dedicated in loving memory to my dear niece, Tandi Ainsworth, who died of adrenal cancer at the age of 23.  Her cancer may have been found sooner, at a more treatable stage had her doctor taken her symptoms seriously.  Tandi was incredibly strong and brave right to the end.  Her courage reminds us all to be our own […]

Book Cover Contest Winner!

Thyroid Code's book cover contest is finished and the dark blue cover design won by one vote! Congratulations to Trisha Pritikin who won a beautiful 16 x 20 print of her choice from Rae of Light Designs and will receive an autographed free book! A special thanks to Cindy Rae Gatzemeier for her fantastic cover designs! We will have another contest with prizes in December so don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends and family!

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Gina Heath, INHC

Gina Heath, INHC

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Guest Post:  Share Your Story   Author:  Gina Heath, INHC Updated:  6/10/2018   Six months after my son was born, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was told I had an underactive thyroid that was common after childbirth but was given no other explanation. I was put on the conventional Synthroid medication and kept hearing […]

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