Hypothyroid Video


When a person has low thyroid hormones they can feel tired, run down, cold, and have difficulty remembering, concentrating, or problem-solving.  They can have high cholesterol, a slow heart rate, have low or high blood pressure, digestive issues, dry skin, hair loss, and menstrual problems.  An autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is often the cause of hypothyroidism.

You can certainly tell that I was not thinking clearly when recording this video.  When I said that I’m taking vitamins but my absorption is low so I don’t think I have any vitamin deficiencies, it made no sense.  What I meant to say is that prior to that week I felt fine and have consistently been taking high-quality vitamin supplements so it would be too early for vitamin deficiency even if my absorption is impaired by being hypothyroid.

Here is an early follow-up video…

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