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I’m working on making a free PowerPoint presentation available to all newsletter subscribers.  This free information will introduce you to the thyroid gland and what it does, as well as, some problems that are specific to thyroid patients.  It will also explain why I’m writing a book this summer and give a general idea of what the book will cover.  There are many helpful diagrams and images included in the presentation, so it’s a great visual resource for understanding this topic.

After the PowerPoint presentation is available to subscribers there will be prize giveaways for one subscriber each month.  The prizes will be of value for people wanting to learn about the thyroid, change their diet, or experiment with supplements, and will be announced in the monthly newsletter.  The prize could also be a gift card for popular stores, such as Amazon.  The drawing will be a randomly selected subscriber for that month, starting in June.  Best wishes to everyone on their thyroid journey to better health!

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