The End of Chronic Fatigue

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“The End of ChronicFatigue” – Book Review

Posted on June 14, 2019 by The National Academy of Hypothyroidism

“Many people feel like they are trapped in a cycle of constant stress, relentless brain fog, and seemingly endless fatigue. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those suffering from these and other long-term symptoms are unaware that a chronic disorder may be taking their wellness hostage. Chronic fatigue caused by thyroid disease is an often overlooked, misdiagnosed, and undertreated condition that impacts many people. The symptoms may seem insurmountable but there is always an opportunity to return to wellness. . .”

-National Academy of Hypothyroidism

I had the wonderful privilege to write for The Invisible Hypothyroidism, What My Cankles Taught Me About Thyroid Heath.

I’ve also had the wonderful privilege to write for the National Academy of Hypothyroidism, Is Thyroid Disease an Underlying Cause of CFS?

Thanks so much to Gina Heath, Cindy Gatzemeier, Rachel Hill, and Naomi from NAH!

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