Are you running on fumes, exhausted to the core but not refreshed with sleep?  Have you noticed yourself wearing more layers of clothing or using an extra blanket?  Have you been dismayed by steady weight gain, despite efforts to lose weight, or rapid weight regain if you are successful with weight loss?  The answers to your health problems are important enough to build an entire website about.

Did you know that the thyroid gland controls your metabolism and every system in your body?  You may also be surprised that there are types of thyroid disorders which do not show up on standard lab tests.  Because of this millions of people suffer from unknown thyroid conditions and they are often misdiagnosed, blamed for their poor health, or their symptoms are not believed and attributed to “it’s all in your head.”  Well, I’m here to tell you why the words “it’s not your thyroid” are incredibly misleading and what you can do to get your health back!

Thyroid and liver cells

Thyroid and liver cells

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What it Feels Like When Your Thyroid is Misbehaving

Thyroid hormones affect every system in the body and greatly influence your quality of life.

When thyroid levels are normal you feel youthful and vibrant, and when thyroid hormones are low it feels as if your life is in grayscale and you are not able to participate in it, enjoy anything, or keep up with others.

Thyroid hormones modify the basal metabolic rate of every cell in the human body.  The thyroid gland, which produces these hormones plays a central role in physiology and when thyroid hormone levels are low, hypothyroidism can result.

Hypothyroidism causes fatigue, abnormal coldness, weight gain, poor memory and concentration, depression, high or low blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels.  Approximately twenty million Americans are affected by thyroid disorders.  In addition, thyroid cancer incidence and autoimmune thyroid conditions have risen significantly within the past two decades.

Despite the widespread prevalence of thyroid dysfunction, there are key misperceptions of thyroid laboratory values that hinder diagnosis and treatment.  This leaves millions of people to suffer from hypothyroid symptoms, or hypothyroid patients to receive thyroid hormone replacement therapy that is too low to restore health.

It is www.Thyroidcode.org’s mission to share the most helpful and relevant thyroid information, and teach people to be their own thyroid advocate in order to improve your quality of life.


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