Thyroid Gland Location

Thyroid Gland location


Updated:  5/9/2018
By:  Zana Carver, PhD


Thyroid Gland Location

This short video demonstrates the thyroid gland location and surrounding structures.  The thyroid gland location video is narrated and rotates to allow better visualization.  In this animation, I mention the thyroid gland’s relationship to other anatomical structures.  I did not mention its relationship to major arteries and veins.

The thyroid gland is medial (closer to the midline) to the common carotid arteries and the internal jugular veins.  The thyroid gland is fed by the superior and inferior thyroid arteries.  Like most endocrine glands, it’s highly vascular.


Thyroid Gland Function

The thyroid gland is an endocrine organ.  The function of endocrine organs is to secrete hormones.  Hormones are the chemical signals that cause an effect in another tissue.  The thyroid gland affects every type of known tissue.  It releases thyroid hormones to increase metabolism in tissues.

Metabolism is the rate of chemical reactions in tissue cells.  Basically, how fast tissue cells use oxygen and nutrients to form energy and heat.  When thyroid hormone levels are high, metabolism speeds up but when they are low, metabolism slows down.



Thyroid Book Project

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