You, Me and Hypothyroidism: When Someone You Love Has Hypothyroidism

By Rachel Hill & Adam Gask

Book Cover for You, Me and Hypothyroidism

Help for Family and Friends

Being affected by hypothyroidism affects every area of your life but it also affects your closest relationships. It can knock you down and make you feel isolated and alone, but you don’t have to go this journey alone. There is hope from a fantastic book, You, Me and Hypothyroidism. This book is immensely helpful for loved ones, spouses, coworkers, family, and friends of those affected by hypothyroidism. Rachel and Adam’s book is written for all of those who know someone with hypothyroidism and would like to understand them better. I believe You, Me and Hypothyroidism is a must-read for anyone who wants to support and understand their chronically ill spouse, friend, relative, or coworker.

Practical Advice That is Long Overdue

When reading You, Me and Hypothyroidism I was deeply moved and hopeful that this fantastic resource will improve the quality of life for so many thyroid sufferers.  This helpful book had me nodding my head in agreement with the wonderful advice presented.  I love the “flu” analogy that Rachel uses to help readers understand what hypothyroidism feels like.   The “spoon” analogy is also incredibly helpful.  I love that Adam went from the “fix it” and “solutionize” mentality to just being able to listen.  This is so common in many marriages. You, Me and Hypothyroidism is a delightful book that offers pragmatic, applicable, and practical information to help with a variety of issues that hypothyroid individuals face, yet others are unaware. 

Rachel and Adam do a fantastic job of relating to the reader and handle sensitive subjects with a respectful and tactful approach.  I also love how much both Rachel and Adam care about others, which is obvious throughout this helpful book.  It helps the reader to understand flair ups and that some days are better than others; also that healing is not linear.  The discussion of capabilities vs. expectations could be a game-changer for many strained relationships.  I personally wonder how many marriages and friendships have ended because there has not been a book like this available.

Must Read for Family, Friends, & Coworkers

I felt inspired, hopeful, and deeply touched when reading this book, and I asked my husband if he would read it. My husband Kris, of 18 years said yes, and I’m grateful for his willingness to learn how he can be supportive of my hypothyroid flair ups. I can’t emphasize enough how much needed Rachel and Adam’s book is because many times hypothyroid people feel isolated, and they don’t feel understood.  You, Me and Hypothyroidism can help bridge barriers to communication and help you support those in your life who struggle with hypothyroidism.  I ultimately hope everyone hears about and reads this essential book to greatly improve the quality of life for all those who struggle with hypothyroidism!

Book Review by Zana Carver

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